Sonata in B flat minor for Horn and Piano (Opus 48)
Three Solo Pieces for Horn (Opus 56)

Sonata No.1 in B flat minor for Flute and Piano (Opus 36)

My first sonata for flute and piano is now issued in print! It is a three part tonal work, but with a lot of dissonances however on strong beats.

The first movement is in B Flat minor, while the second movement (Andante maestoso) is in the far different key of E major. This part is cast in a song form with a cadenza-like melody in the flute at an ostinato accompaniment of the piano, with Lydian elements.

The middle part consists of free elements and a cadenza for the flute.

The last part is a rondo, again in B Flat minor (Molto allegro).

This movement is always interrupted by cadenza-like moments for flute, which throws the rondo ‘feeling’ in a playful way. Eventually the coda appears in the redeeming major key and closes off in B Flat major.


It can be ordered here.